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Orla-Kiely-typing-lfwMy lovely friend, and fellow blogger Emma of Umbrella Weather** and I have recently been lamenting the nature of blogging. Although in our brief correspondence neither of us have come up with any firm answers, it has got me thinking a lot about the subject and my motive behind it.

I have come to the earth-shattering conclusion that my only objective has been to entertain my handful of readers (including my mother) and when I can, exercise my adoration of the English language. Nothing wrong with that obviously but I am not sure how much I have genuinely been blogging for myself and this is a sad thing.

I want to feel proud of what I write, not embarrassed a few days later.

So, like Emma, I am trying on a lot of different skins until I find the one that is most like me. It may take me a while but that is the beauty of blogging after all.

My next post is going to be a ‘What I’ve been doing’ affair since I haven’t really been keeping anyone in on that. I’ve basically been hibernating a lot, reading the Millennium trilogy and wishing that I lived in Sweden.

There aren’t many surprises but I will try to entertain you.

*Well, almost no cocktails and lots of daydreams.

**You should totally go check out her blog. It’s my fave.